Study Loan Programmes

The Foundation offers study loans to selected underprivileged and needy students undertaking tertiary education in any approved course (“Approved Course”) in any MQA approved local private or public university or college (“Approved Institution”). The study loan which is interest and bond-free (unless otherwise stated) will cover tuition fees which will be paid directly to the institutions. The study loan may include cost of living expenses.You must have gained admission to an Approved Institution before you can apply for the loan. Generally you may apply for any Approved Course of study but the Foundation reserves the right not to offer the study loan for reasons and criteria that are governed by the Foundation’s policies.

Why a loan?
The Foundation offers loans only to those who are truly needy rather than scholarships because a loan gives the recipient a sense of self-esteem and commitment to their studies since they know they have to repay the loan. It is the Foundation’s hope that it will act as a strong motivating factor for the loan recipient as failure or dropping-out is not an option. Thus he or she will strive for the best grades throughout the course of study.

To be eligible for the study loan programmes, the applicant must:

Be a Malaysian citizen;

Prove eligibility for financial assistance, as means testing will be strictly applied;

Have a good academic record and preferably active in extracurricular activities;

Have gained admission into an Approved Institution for an Approved Course;

Provide evidence of strong self-discipline and drive.

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